1 February 2012,

Lucumi Products Inc

Supply Botanicas Yerberias
Welcome to Lucumi Products Inc.(713) 230 8875  We sell retail and wholesale, we offer the best services and products available on the worldwide web. We offer exclusive products and high quality at low prices, we fabricrantes and our raw material is approved by the FDA, we offer products Lucumi community, botanica, yerberias, santeros and the general public with complete privacy in their purchases. We also offer information about the religion that includes articles, all information is available in English and Spanish. Lucumi Products Inc

Lucumi Products Inc

Lucumi Products Inc …………..

Take advantage of our special oils, the ones who are diselvuen water, stain and permance not long in body, clean up to everything you want.

Please contact us at 713-230-8875 we sell the entire line of esoteric products with the guarantee that if you hate your money back.Lucumi Products Inc

Lucumi Products Inc


Essential oils tend to be recipes of various chemical compounds biosynthesized by simply plants, which give the distinct aroma a few flowers, trees and shrubs, fruits, herbal products, spices or herbs, seed products and pet excerpts (musk, civet, ambergris). Extremely high fragrant chemical compounds, absolutely no acids (which are not rancid), volatile naturally (evaporate rapidly) as well as brighter (significantly less lustrous). These are insoluble throughout h2o, slightly soluble within apple cider vinegar, and dissolvable throughout alcoholic beverages, fats, waxes and also natural skin oils. Tend to be oxidized simply by contact with air flow. We’ve got taken out a lot more than 150 varieties, every with its own flavoring as well as recovery positive aspects. Result from plants since fashionable as parsley so that as beautiful because jasmine. To complete their best, ought to result from organic uncooked components and be while genuine as you possibly can.

The term essences or even essential oils are put on the same manufactured materials geared up via coal black and semisynthetic materials prepared coming from natural essential oils. The word real essential oils are utilized to emphasize the main difference between organic along with man made oils.

Lucumi Products Inc


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