Productos de Chango y Ochun

Productos de Chango y Ochun

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SPECIAL spiritual waters, colognes, and oils for love, health, money and work. Consulta Privada con Productos Chango y Ochun

                                                                    Productos de Chango y Ochun


Productos de Chango y Ochun

All main raw materials are approved by the FDA which guarantees the quality of our products.

We wholesale and Retail – We supply Botanicas across America.

candles, amulets and more … We also provide tarot readings, spiritual cleansing and more come to conocernos en 6910


Productos de Chango y Ochun

Attended by Babalawo and Santeros recognized.

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Santeria or La Regla Lucumi is an Afro-Cuban religion originating in Africa Westbound in what is now Nigeria and Benin, coming from traditional crop cosmo vision of people known as the Yoruba. The slave trade brought many of these people to the shores of Cuba, Brazil, Haiti, Trinidad and Puerto Rico among others. Except with the bodies being brought for sale on a life of suffering, something else was being brought. Their souls. And their religion.Productos de Chango y Ochun.


Productos de Chango y Ochun

Santeri­a as well as community

. Productos de Chango y Ochun


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Productos de Chango y Ochun The particular santera Virma discussed precisely how the lady, a little daughter white-colored girl in the period of time ahead of the wave, became a place of interest as newly-initiated: “People originated distant and paid out my personal madrina a lot of cash to determine chicago blanquita (the tiny bright lady) who was simply initiated in to the religious beliefs with the greens.”
In the event the slaves stumbled on Cuba

Productos de Chango y Ochun Just how many everyone was transferred against their particular will coming from The african continent for the Caribbean soon after Columbus come to Cuba within 1492 is unsure, yet thousands tend to be mentioned. The particular colonists necessary new manpower, because original populace associated with Cuba, consisting of Taino along with Ciboney Indians, died out following your The spanish language resolved in the nation.Productos de Chango y Ochun

 Every nuance associated with skin colour could as a result be located in Cuba. In spite of the apparent combination of previous slaves as well as Hispanics, sociable differences as well as bigotry depending on skin color may also be identified even now.Art. Productos de Chango y Ochun
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Productos de Chango y Ochun

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