Yerberia Botanica Limpias

Yerberia Botanica Limpias

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Products Botanica Lucumi Yerberia 713-230-8875, Consultation, Santeros, Babalawo, Pychics, Medium by telephone. No medicinal herb with unpleasant side effects ever recommended by medical botanist. With all the thousands of years of “trial and error”, which basically know the medical effects of herbs. Virtually all herbal medicines are recommended for cure is based mainly on tradition, folklore or hearsay, and today we benefit from the accumulated wisdom of herbal and ever.



Herbs are like all other medicines you are taking too little – nothing happens, take the right amount (of herbs right) – to get the benefits of healing, but if you take too much for too long – they are looking problems .Yerberia




Nothing is absolutely safe. If it’s drugs, herbs, or OTC. The security of discretion that requires an assessment of the risk / benefit. All medications should be taken in recommended doses. And if you have never taken before, you should start with the lowest dose at first, in the case of a reaction. Many believe that herbal medicines are safer than drugs because they are natural. Critics oppose the grass that medicines are safer because users know exactly how much they consume that herb users can only guess at doses of plant material.

Critics of herbs have a point. Strength depends grass plant genetics, growing conditions, maturity at harvest, storage time, production methods and the possibility of counterfeiting.

Herbs generally cause fewer side effects than drugs. The products are highly concentrated tablets and capsules which have little flavor, factors that make it easier to take an overdose. While the active components of herbal medicines is less concentrated flavor and bitter that helps counteract the overdose. Art Yerberia





 The quantities of medicinal healing herbs should not be given to children younger than 2 years. Unless you have clearance from your pediatrician. (Yerberia)


People aged 65 years or sensitive to other substances can start preparations for low power. Older people develop an increased sensitivity to drugs. Use only with the consent physician.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use medicinal amounts of healing herbs. (With some exceptions.) Use only with the consent and supervision of your obstetrician. That can damage the fetus and newborn. Yerberia


People with a chronic illness should be very careful. Herbal medicines may interact with other medicines that you take. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Use the recommended amount for the recommended periods. Herbs that damage was caused by consuming large amounts for prolonged periods. Art Yerberia

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